QNetSoul is a Quake3 game server sniffer. It was released to help you find Quake3 game server running on university, company, or all big local network. It give you instant access and notification of your friends players match. This software run under Microsoft Windows.


QNetSoul is a simple software stored in your task-bar, informing you the Quake3 network activity:

Highslide JS (the Quake3 logo is your QNetSoul client)

With a simple click you can launch Quake3 or join already created games on local network.

Highslide JS

QNetSoul have no installer and can work with U3 USB devices

License agreement

QNetSoul is a CoolWare : It is free. Please, don't play with Quake3 during working time, we are not responsible of QNetSoul usage and don't use it to spy your personnel.


You can download the QnetSoul binary file contained by the following zip file.