Furies Beta-test game


Furies Beta-test is a little action / platform game for MS-DOS

This game was developed with 486 assembly subsystem and scripted with Borland Turbo Pascal 7. Additional graphics was made by my wonderful sister Elodie. Main graphical items was rip off the 'Fury of the Furies' game. Sorry for that but it's now an 'abandonware'. In fact 'Fury of Furies' is a Kalisto Entertainment game. This French game editor doesn't exist any-more since its bankruptcy.


In game action.

Highslide JS


Furies Beta-test is an action / platform game. You need to move the Furies into the big world without touching monster or other hazardous ground. You can shoot monsters or jump to flee them. Health and ammo potion can help you during your journey. You can earn money and points by shooting monsters or finding secret area.

0.9 Version keyboard controls:

  • [o] : move left
  • [p] : move right
  • [left ctrl] : shoot
  • [space bar] : jump
  • [escape] : exit game

0.8b Version joystick controls:

  • [joystick left] : move left
  • [joystick right] : move right
  • [joystick button 1] : shoot
  • [joystick button 2] : jump

Hardware and OS requirement

You need a PC with a 486 processor or more.

Warning: version 0.8b run too fast on quick CPU.

You need a Microsoft operating system between MS-DOS 5 and Windows XP SP3.

Warning: Fury Beta-test doesn't work on Linux, MacOS, Windows Vista and Windows Seven. Use the great DOSBox emulator on these platform.

XMS memory system must be present with a VGA compatible graphic card.

  • On 0.9 version, you need a keyboard.
  • On 0.8b version, you need a mandatory joystick plugged on your MIDI sound card port number 200.


Furies Beta-test is a game created for Intel 486 running on MS-DOS Operating System. MS-DOS and Furies Beta-test are running with x86 16 bit real mode segmented memory address space. Furies Beta-test use conventional memory and XMS (eXtended Memory System) allowing to use memory consuming techniques:

  • To avoid CRT (Cathodic Ray Tube) wait retrace systems, Furies Beta-test use double buffering techniques.
  • Objects are stored in dynamic linked lists.

Furies Beta-test draw pictures in VGA mode (320x200 pixels with a 256 colours palette). Furies Beta-test implement sprite system, collision system, 'gravitational' system and, since version 0.9, a very bad synchronization tricks for quick CPU. Furies Beta-test have no external library dependencies. To minimise space on disk, several techniques are used:

  • A GIF picture loader have been written. All graphic files are stored in this format.
  • PKLITE by PKWARE is used to reduce the executable size.
  • UNP by Ben Castricum is used to remove PKLITE headers.
  • XLink by THE COEXiSTENCE is used to pack all files into a single executable.

A level editor was created helping Elodie to design it. But this tool is not yet distributed.


You can download the last 0.9 release built on October 2009 zip file. This version support keyboard and quick CPU synchronization.

The original 0.8b September 1999 build (with Joystick only and no synchronization system) is available in this zip file.