Byronus open source 4K Intro


Byronus is a classical demo-scene 4k-Intro for Windows

This free software is an open source greetings-ware. It was created to thanks all my ex colleagues, co-founder and co-author who share time with me in SkyRecon Systems company. I'm very thankful to all of them. They allowing me to live the greatest experience in creating this software editor. And allowing me to contribute to the wonderful StormShield solution.


Text mode 4k-Intro.

Highslide JS


Byronus binary and source code are distributed under the BSD license

Its source code is in pure C99 without any 16bit or assembly packing tricks. So Byronus can run on all Win32 compatible platforms (2000 XP Vista Seven 32/64)

Byronus source code can be compiled with gcc and make.


You can download the full project sources and binary here.

If your Internet browser security policy disallow the download of zip file containing .exe file, you can download the source files package.

If you doesn't care about source code, just download the binary package.